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RT-10A Multi Channel Portable Rail Flaw Detector

RT10-A is our recently developed portable rail flaw detector. It offers both multiple channel A-scan and B-scan.  A-scan and B-scan can be switched back and forth by a simple key press. Unlike traditional portable rail flaw detector in which A-scan is used eand no user interfaces are built, windows user interfaces are built in the instrument.  The operation of the instrument is essentially like the operation of a high speed testing vehicle, the operator can even put icons on the screen. With high brightness EL screen and operation range from -40oC ~80oC (-40oF~122oF), alternatively, with high brightness color display and operation range from -30oC~80oC (-22oF~122oF), the instrument can operate in most tough environment. The instrument has the following specification.
l  Channels: 10 channels, in which nine channels are used for testing, one channel is used for hand verification of defect in hand test mode.
l  Frequency of Channels: 2~4MHz
l  Repetition Rate:  0~1000Hz, variable each 10 steps
l  Detection Range: Applicable to 90~145lb Rail
l  Gain Range:  0~80dB
l  Alarm: Threshold level adjustable
l  Attenuation error: less than 1dB per 12dB
l  Recording Range: 200 miles
l  Operation voltage: 12V
l  Power consumption: 12W.
RT-10A Rail Flaw Detector is suitable to our sleds type push cart for reliable rail flaw detection.

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