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Multi Channel Portable Rail Welds InspectionMulti Channel Portable Rail Welds Inspection

Our ST-1000 general purpose multi channel ultrasonic flaw detector makes rail welds inspection an easy job. With specially designed matrix probe, one can do a detail quick scan of the rail head, web and base area. The instrument offers three different scan mode.
One Hand Held Probe Firing, Matrix Probe Receiving
This scan mode can be used to scan both bottom and head of the weld. It can be operated either with the hand held 45 degree probe firing and the 6 channel matrix probe receiving (green color line) or the hand held 45 degree probe firing and receiving itself.
Straight Line Matrix Probe Scanning
This scan mode can be used to scan the bottom of the switch blade and normal rail. It can also be used to scan the head of the rail. The matrix probe has 12 transducers in series. It can be operated either as pulse echo (red line) or one firing and others receiving (black line).
Dual Matrix Probe Scan
Place the matrix probes on two side of the base of the rail or the head of the rail, one matrix probe firing, the other matrix probe receiving. The instrument will automatically firing each transducer inside the matrix probe sequentically.
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