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Portable Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection Electrical Vehicle

Out portable ultrasonic rail flaw detection vehicle has a weight no more than 125kg and it can be separated into two parts so two people can quickly move on and off the track. The vehicle is using two wheel probe on each rail for a total of 18 channels. The vehicle is driven by electric power and can run up to 20kilometers/hour. When the battery is charged full, it can run up to 50kilometers.



The following is a typical characteristic specification

Weight 100kgNot including battery, wheel probe trolley, water),Vehicle can be separated into two halveseach half is not more than 60kgtwo people can operate

Max Testing Speed 20km/hr

Over All Size1.5m * 1.6m * 1.0m

Working Voltage 48V


Probes two wheel probes for two railseach wheel probe  has 9 channels,  six 70 degree probes two 37.5 degree probes one 0 degree probe


Coupling Agent water

Display Mode B-scan

Alarm Alarm icon display together with audible alarmthreshold value adjustable

Repetition Rate:  4mm/pulse

Applicable Rail: 40~75kg

Gain Range:  0~80dB

Attenuation Error: Less than 1dB for every 12dB

Assembly and disassembly timeNo more than 5 minutes

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